How to care for your hair piece

All Capelli Remi hair pieces are made from Japanese Fibre, which is a high heat synthetic. They can be curled and straightened and will withstand heat up to 230 degrees.

All our hair pieces are thoroughly tried and tested before they go out on sale, and through experience we find they curl and straighten best at 200 degrees using the straighteners.

If your hair piece is looking a little tired, we sell conditioning spray which will brighten and revive the hair piece when you don’t have time to wash it. Its also great for getting knots out! but be careful, when spritzed over a hard floor such as tiles or polished wood, it can make the floor VERY SLIPPY! So please do take care.

Hair pieces don’t need washing as often as your own hair. They aren’t attached to your scalp so they don’t get the oils from your scalp like natural hair does. If however its been worn a few times and is now covered in hair spray and smells a bit whiffy, you can wash them.

How to wash your hair piece:

Step 1.Fill a basin with warm water.

Step 2. Tip half a cap of fabric conditioner into the warm water and mix together.

Step 3. Give your hair a good brush with a detangling brush, starting from the bottom and working your way up. A detangling brush is best as it wont pull the hair out of the weft. Avoid using paddle brushes.

Step 4. Once brushed, dip the hair piece into the solution (water + fabric conditioner) and swill the hair piece about. Its best o keep hold of it because if you let go of it you run the risk of the hair becoming quite tangled. Dip the hair piece in and out of the solution a few times, until you are happy it is thoroughly cleansed.

Step 5. Squeeze as much of the water out of the hair piece as possible.

Step 6. Hang up to dry. The shower cubicle is usually a good place to hang it. Don’t blow dry them and they’ll dry in their natural state.